Windows 11 volume upgrade

One of the most important features of Windows 11 – the taskbar’s volume controls could be getting a new nifty feature that will you to change the volume using the scroll wheel. Build 22478 of Windows 11 contains code that enables support for the scroll wheel on the taskbar’s volume icon.

Windows 11 comes with major design improvements, but the operating system’s volume controls or sound features have remained unchanged. Way back in 2018, Microsoft started working on new volume controls for Windows. As per the leaked build, Microsoft has been working on a design overhaul for volume controls, but that revamp seems to have been delayed.

Ahead of the rumoured revamp, which is now expected to arrive next year, Microsoft is enabling support for a feature that will allow users to adjust the volume of the device by just scrolling over the volume icon. In Windows 10, you need to click on the volume to adjust the level.

Windows 11 volume feature

This new Windows 11 feature lets change the volume by scrolling over the volume icon and it seems to work really well on devices with a touchpad.

At the moment, taskbar volume popup is pretty basic, but Microsoft has been planning to enable multimedia playback controls for the popup, allowing users to play, pause and skip tracks from the taskbar,

Additionally, Microsoft has now made it possible to login to your device using Windows Hello on a connected monitor with a camera that supports it. The company has also improved the underlying indexer platform to reduce performance issues and database size, especially when you’ve very large Outlook mailboxes.

Last but not the least, Microsoft has made adjustments to the dialog that appears when adding a new language in Settings.