In a clear deviation to the Windows 10 biannual update pattern Microsoft may be planning to make the 21H1 update a minor one. There are indications that Windows 10 21H2 may be the major update in 2021 that may bring modern File Explorer and other UI changes.

Microsoft had earlier revealed plans to bring changes to Windows 10 Start Menu, the File Explorer, context-sensitive menus and updated versions of apps like Calendar, Photos, Microsoft Edge and others in 2021. Now, the Windows 10 Start Menu re-design that emphasizes icons and unifying Start Menu visually in place of Live Tiles is live with the recent 20H2 update.

But other features/changes like the modern file explorer, context-sensitive menus and updated versions of apps may not arrive with the Windows 10 21H1 update as one would normally assume. Recently Microsoft moved the Dev channel insider to a new FE_RELEASE branch that made it remove many new features that already arrived in PRE_RELEASE branch.

All new builds released so far in FE_RELEASE branch doesn’t have anything  new to showcase.  There are reports from other sources too that claim only one major Windows 10 update coming in 2021.

21H1 update may be a minor update just like the 20H2 update and may get a similar release. Here is a look at the changes that Microsoft may be working for Windows 10 21H2.

File Explorer changes:

The modern and unified File explorer with deeper OneDrive integration.

Context-sensitive menu changes:

Updated Calendar, Photos, Microsoft Edge apps:

Watch the original teaser video that revealed these upcoming changes.