Microsoft Teams attendance

Microsoft Teams is set to improve the experience for organizers and teachers with support for a new feature that will allow them to download attendance report after the meeting or webinar has ended. For others, Microsoft is working on custom meeting backgrounds support on mobile.

The change will see Microsoft Teams offering match rival service Zoom. The new feature will not be available immediately, however, but is rolling out, according to a statement from Microsoft.

The first new addition is the option to download the participants report after the meeting and webinar. After the update on the desktop, you’ll be able to review and download attendee reports. Microsoft says the feature is still rolling out and rollout is expected to complete over the “coming weeks”.

Custom meeting backgrounds on mobile

Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 and macOS was updated with support for custom meeting backgrounds. The tech giant is now bringing the same functionality to mobile users.

If allowed in your organization, you can now use custom or preset backgrounds in Teams mobile app. With custom backgrounds, you can hide your messy rooms and use them as an opportunity to express your interests while in a video call with your co-workers.

If you don’t prefer custom backgrounds, Teams also come with another feature that lets you blur their background so that others wouldn’t be able to see what’s behind you.

In addition to these two new features, Microsoft Teams is also testing PowerPoint Live integration in the desktop client to make your presentations better. With PowerPoint Live, you can present your PowerPoint slides without sharing the screen of your desktop or Teams client.

This feature also includes support for the presenter view mode, which lets you access the notes and chat with attendees at the same time.