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You might not realize it, but you’re being constantly stalked on the Web. Many websites, and the third-party content they host, track your browsing behavior, such as the links you click, the pages you visit and the products you buy.
You can try to opt out of this by telling websites that you don’t want to be monitored by setting your browser to send Do Not Track requests. By default, most browsers, including Microsoft’s new Edge browser, built into Windows 10, do not send such requests, meaning websites are free to collect information about you.
To be fair, websites are not obligated to honor such requests, but having DNT turned on will at least let the outlets that do recognize it know to stop tracking you. Here’s how to turn on DNT in Edge.
1. Open Edge.
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2. Press the three-dot menu button on the top right of the screen.
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3. Scroll down and tap Advanced Settings.
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4.  Tap the Send Do Not Track Requests toggle to turn it on.
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Now the websites you visit will know that you don’t want to be monitored.